Graphic Design

Graphic Design can sometimes be low on the priority list for many business looking for signs and vehicles, and is the most important part! Starting with good branding practices is essential for long term success in today’s business environment.

Starting with a good logo, adding colours and then spreading these elements into a branding strategy is very important. Having a consistent look across all platforms and media gives instant recognition to a business. This gives a solid reliable feel to your customers so they recognise you in your office, in your companies vehicles or on social media. We have  many years experience with branding, and specialise in working your branding into all areas,print, large format and social media!


A logo is the most important part of your branding, and having a simple effective logo is where every company should start. A logo should be simple, easy to read at any size and work first in black and white before adding colour, this way your logo will work anywhere!

Investing the time and effort into a logo can pay off down the road, and if done well can really capture the spirit of a business in one glance. Your logo should be recognisable on a pen, or driving by on a vehicle

Vehicle Design

Vehicle Decals are probably the best investment you can make for your marketing. With thousands of views per day your vehicle can work tirelessly to promote your business. Even simple decals on your vehicle will give your business a solid established feel, when you look and feel professional, customers will view your business the exact same way.

We have a great deal of experience making graphics look good on a vehicle,  working around doors, badges, and window can be a challenge and we can make it pop without clashing with the natural lines of the car or truck.

Sign Design

In our opinion quality graphic design is the most over looked aspect in the sign making industry.Designing a sign looks simple and can be much of the time, but being seen in a world that is cluttered with ads, signs and graphics already takes experience.

We specialise in making signs and graphics that will be seen, and will still look good in 10 or 20 years. Using classic design, clean lines and plenty of negative space our signs will stand the test of time in both materials and graphic design.

Project/Window Design

Large format can be a challenging aspect of graphic design work. Having experience with installation and the hurdles that designing for close up viewing on huge images has major advantages.

We know how to handle this type of design, what will look good blown up, and how to get good colour and a quality image on different materials. Let us help you get the most out of your marketing.

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